Sociology of Sport

Film Review Assignment – Sociology of Sport

Movies reflect our culture and society, the values, institutions. social forces and social interactions that prevail in a particular historical social context.  There are a number of popular movies and documentary films available to illustrate sport and social issues from a sociological perspective.

Your review should begin with an introduction to the film that discusses why you chose this movie, how it is relevant to sport and society, and gives a brief synopsis of the movie.  Be sure to include the title, director, major actors/roles, the time period (historical setting) , and the sport that the movie is about.

Is the movie particularly relevant to any of the specific chapters or themes we have covered in the course.  For example – the film Moneyball might be a good example of how a business approach to building a baseball team can lead to success on the field.

Provide a general assessment of the movie.  Does the movie reflect the events and social reality of its time and place in history?   Can you identify specific scenes or themes that are particularly important to the development of the story?

Develop a sociological analysis of the movie.  Are there any identifiable themes or issues that emerged from this story?  How does the film reflect major social values or relationships?  What specific sociological analysis or concepts be applied?  Include plot elements, dialogue, or quotes that demonstrate your point.

Write a conclusion that summarizes your impressions of the movie, what you learned from the movies and how it enhanced your understanding of sport and society and/or the importance of sport in our culture. Would you recommend this movie to others as entertainment or for some particular sociological theme or insight?  Why or why not?

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