Sociology HW help

I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

This is the HW :

Read the following article: Spencer, D. _2016_. Work in and beyond the Second Machine Age: The Politics of Production and Digital Technologies. Work, Employment, & Society. 1–11. Answer the following questions:

1. While “The Second Machine Age” is a popular book discussing the future of work and possibilities for improving conditions for workers, what shortcomings or limitations does Spencer discuss in this critique of the ideas presented in the book?

2. According to Spencer, how are digital technologies linked to economic power and the means of production in technology-driven economies?

3. Are digital technologies created or used equally by workers and their employers?

4. What examples does Spencer present for the exploitative possibilities of digital technologies that operate to the detriment of workers?

5. Are you convinced by these case studies? Why or why not?

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