Sociology 100 2 Pages Research

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To understand the function of human society, students need to not only read about relationships

and institutions but study them as well. In this project, students will do an ethnography. It will

consist of observation, field notes, finding a common theme or themes, and writing up the result

1.Student will choose a research site

a.Research sites need to be able to view public places (this can be in a car or

looking out your window for safety if need be)

b.Students cannot simply observe their friend nor a group they know well

c.Students can always check with me if they need help choosing a site

2.Students will go to their research site 3 different times for an hour each time. (3 different

days, 1 hour each time).

3.Student will take field notes on their research site

a.Do not look for a common theme to start with, that will come later.

b.Just take notes on everything you see

4.After your final time at the site, look over your field notes and see what theme or themes

you found.

5.Write up your results

a.Introduction (explain the basics of your study)

b.Methods (where was the study, what days and times did you conduct your study,

what was your role as the researcher)

c.Results (what themes did you find, what do you think your theme says about


d.Conclusions (what can be done in the future)

A) Turn in your field notes- typed up or written up

B) Paper is to be Double-spaced

C) 12 point Times New Roman fon

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