social policy

Order Description
i) Critically analyse the theoretical and ideological underpinnings of the policy approach taken by the Australian Government in relation to one area of social responsibility. (1500 words)

ii) Develop a framework that would support the various points of intervention available to a human services worker for influencing the outcomes for the specific target group. (500 words including
framework table)

iii) Identify the theoretical underpinnings of your approach to influencing social policy as this relates to humanitarian and community service practitioners (ACWA) and outcomes for disadvantaged
populations.(1000 words)

*please look at the budget as delivered by the Australian Government last night. What do the budget measures mean for the policy area you have selected? For example, a commitment has been made to
fully fund NDIS.

Our Responsibilities
Much of the information on this website is arranged into subject areas for easy access. The subject areas are:
• Families and Children
• Housing Support
• Seniors
• Communities and Vulnerable People
• Disability and Carers
• Women’s Safety
• Mental Health
• Settlement and Multicultural Affairs
• Welfare Reform

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