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one: When we think of career networking, we usually think of online sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. However, in-person networking is a powerful tool for making connections. According to Walden Career Services Center Networking & Branding (n.d.), thinking outside the box when it comes to career networking is smart; look for organizations that need volunteers and use those opportunities to network.

The best networking connection I have found is the Chamber of Commerce. Many Chambers of Commerce hold events and allow outside vendors and professionals to speak and network. When using in-person networking, it is vital to dress sharp, bring business cards and listen more than you speak (Jo, 2019). You won’t just spend a dull night networking; many of these events are fun. Every Chamber of Commerce event I have attended has had an aspiring chef trying to make a name for themselves cater the event, and the food has been excellent. Chamber of Commerce also has online social media connections for those who prefer not to attend in person.

One online networking site I use is the Council of Holistic Health Educators on Facebook. One benefit of belonging is that the site keeps you abreast of upcoming conferences and workshops, making it easy to achieve your continuing education requirements. It is also beneficial because it brings many different businesses together. The Council of Holistic Health Educators is a site for gym owners, chiropractors, personal trainers, health educators, nutritionists, and coaches. Having many different health professionals in one site is beneficial because it will often lead to referrals which are critical for growing businesses. According to Gottschalk (2013), when online networking, always remember the 70/20/10 rule. 70% of your connections should be people in the same field, 20% in a closely related field, and 10% in a totally different line of work (Gottschalk, 2013).


Council of Holistic Health Educators – Home | Facebook › cofhhe


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two: In 2013 FEMA made history of reducing the number of fatalities affected by identifiable disasters. The Disaster Reporter feature was created as a crowdsourcing feature for city first responders (Johnson, 2016). FEMA utilizes social media to network with individuals within the space of disaster health and safety of the communities.

The adaptation of the FEMA initiatives was developed for the use of professionals and users through real-time pictures and updates. FEMA 2021 Disaster Declaration identifies 96 declarations across the United States as early as September 2021, and with grant funding initiatives for the organization, the declarations are relieving more victims daily (FEMA, 2021). What a great way to network within the space of disaster relief, through capitalizing on the individuals that follow and respond professionally and independently.

If one identified a career within the space of disaster relief as a public health professional, utilizing FEMA’s social media platforms would be a start. The use of social media networking tools allows FEMA to get updates to the citizens faster than the alerts from local news reporters. Capitalizing on social media tools like YouTube allows FEMA’s 35.5k subscribers and viewers to have alerts sent directly to their devices when there is an update or announcement (YouTube, 2021).

As a health professional associated with FEMA networking and staying close to their initiatives would be tactful. Communicating with state officials, university and college health professionals, hospital health organizations, and weather reporting studios are organizations one could network with. These relationships online connect with other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as listed for the top platforms of getting the latest information from FEMA. As professionally, connecting with the individuals within LinkedIn can offer one the opportunity of 15,409 employees associated for networking professionally (LinkedIn, 2021).


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