social injustice essay 4-5 pages

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Social Injustice Project

• Research a specific social injustice issue to understand the history, progress and future of the issue

• Write a properly cited research essay where you try to find a solution to the issue What is social justice? It is a view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. So, a social injustice is when someone/group is suffering from an inequality in regards to economic, political and social rights and opportunities. An example of a social injustice we’ve seen are lack of educational and health resources on the Rez in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In a traditional academic essay format, you will present your social injustice issue and write possible solutions/remedies for it. For this, you will need to construct a thesis that presents your issue and properly reasons the solution/remedy for it.

Selecting a Topic: What are some current social injustice issues? These are broad umbrella issues. Your project will likely focus on a more specific, narrow topic. Note: you do not have to choose any of these, they are just suggestions.

• Affordable housing • Economic inequality • Fair labor practices • Gender identity • Gender inequality • Healthcare • Homelessness • Mental health • Physical ability • Racial inequality • Sexual and romantic orientation

Tips on how to get started:

1) Choose one social injustice issue that is important to you.

2) Discuss some understanding of all perspectives and viewpoints on the issue (try to

remain as objective as possible).

3) Think about all the different angles of your social injustice issue

a) Who makes decisions and who is left out?

b) Who benefits and who suffers?

c) Why is a given practice fair or unfair?

4)What are possible solutions to help combat/remedy/fix this issue?

d. What is required to create change?

e. What alternatives can we imagine?

Some questions to help you start thinking (you do not have to answer all of


a. What is the issue?

b. What background and context should readers know about the issue?

c. Who does this issue affect? Who was involved?

d. Where is this an issue?

e. Why is this topic an issue and what are some solutions to fix it?

f. Future looks ahead to next steps

g. What does success look like?

h. How will success be achieved?

i. What is the likelihood that success can be achieved?

Guidelines for Part I: Written Report

  • 4-5 pages, MLA format, double-spaced
  • A Thesis statement that states your social injustice issue and brief
  • reasoning for how your remedy/solution with help

    fix/change/remedy it.

  • At least 3 main points that explain and expand on each part of your thesis
  • 6 Quotes/Paraphrases form at least 3 different legitimate sources
  • (outside research necessary).

  • Analysis discussing the connections of your evidence to your argument.
  • Works Cited List