SOC4492 Idaho State University Form of Victimization & Regional Level HW

Question Description

The Final Paper

The final paper is due on the last day of class. You will investigate a form of victimization on the national, regional or local level (This will depend on the form of victimization chosen.). You will be responsible for choosing a topic. The paper should include the following:

• An introduction – why should your reader care?

• A literature review that includes a discussion of the way that the chosen form of victimization is defined, statistics relating to the scope of the problem and a discussion of the current research relating to the form of victimization.

• A discussion of current policies relating to this form of victimization.

• An outline of, and justification for, a proposed policy that you feel will improve upon current policies.

Undergraduate: 8 pages

The paper should be double-spaced and written in 11 point Arial font. It should have normal margins. The paper should be formatted following ASA style and include in-line citations. See…(formatting),…(citations) and…(reference page).

It should be posted to the assignment folder.

This is worth 25% of the final grade.

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