SO141 Park University Unit 4 Process of Socialization Reflection Paper

Question Description


In this paper you will demonstrate your understanding of the process of socialization with reflection on your own social experiences. For the first section of the paper in Unit 2, define socialization based on our class discussions and the readings. Make sure you discuss the purpose and outcomes of socialization and discuss related concepts including agents of socialization, socialization through the life course, primary and secondary socialization, social roles, and social identities.


In the second section of the paper, provide and discuss an example of socialization from your own life experience.

  • First explain the experience in detail and then connect to the process of socialization.
  • Identify agents of socialization and various social roles and identities.
  • Reflection on the ways in this experience is connected to cultural values and norms.
  • Discuss how this experience contributed to your position within society or social group.

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