SNHU Stop Asian Hate Movement

I. Identity Analysis: Conduct a review of the literature describe this social identity and critically analyze the origin, perpetuation and consequences of prejudice, discrimination, and oppression faced by members of this social identity. Conduct the analysis from an ecosystems perspective, discuss historical and practice related findings at the individual, family, community and policy levels.

Describe the social movement in relationship to the social identity and critically analyze its history and outcomes. The analysis of the social movement should include all of the following components:

1. Historical Context: What was the historical context that lead to the emergence of this social movement? Who were the key players? How can it be understood in terms of social and political context, is it an expression of societal conflict?

2. Evolution: How did the social problems it seeks to address become potential objects of collective action? How do certain social actors come to develop a sense of commonality? How would you trace the origins of this social movement’s culture and values?

3. Mobilization: What organizing strategies did individuals and organizations use? What tactics? How did the movement build solidarity and develop face the risks and costs of protest activity? What are the roles of identities and symbols, emotions, organizations, and networks in the start and persistence of this collective action? How were social workers involved?

4. Effects: What was the effect of the movement – on individuals, communities, policy, society, culture and the movement itself? Success and failure are two sides of the same coin—social movements and protest activities may succeed and fail at the same time. They may succeed on one level (i.e. by raising public awareness), but they lose on another (i.e. changing policy). Success and failures may also change in power and perception over time. What are the successes and failures of this movement and according to whom?

5. Implications: What are the implications of your findings for the movement you investigated, our society, and social work?

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