SMC Comparison and Contrast o


  1. Answer the question below in a compare/ contrast essay and make sure that you follow the five-paragraph essay structure we have studied.
  2. Make sure that you have all of these elements in your paper.
    • your name, the class name, and the date in the upper left side
    • a title centered in the middle before your first paragraph
    • an introduction paragraph with a hook that SUMMARIZES information about the character(s) you will be writing about in at least three sentences. In your summary, you must write the author’s full name of Hidden Figures, and you must write the title of the book in italics.
    • a thesis statement that answers one of the questions below AND uses hedging and a connector, like “although” “while” or “despite”
    • body paragraphs in point by point method
    • a conclusion paragraph that restates the thesis or main points and that has an end hook that gives the reader something to remember.
    • at least one quote AND one paraphrase from the story Hidden Figures to support something you write in the body of your essay (not the intro or conclusion) Use the PIE method when you integrate your quote and paraphrase.
    • works cited entry on the last page of your essay for our Hidden Figures book. Please do not add any other sources to this essay.


  • You know many of the characters in this book pretty well by now. Think about two characters from Hidden Figures who you can find similarities or differences between. How are they similar or different? To answer this question, write a compare/contrast paper that focuses on similarities, differences, or both in order to write about two characters. Be sure to make it clear in your thesis that you will show similarities or differences or both between these two characters. Your goal is the show that two people can be very similar een though they are from different backgrounds, cultures, and generations, or to prove that people can be very different even though they come from similar backgrounds.

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