situation analysis 14

You are very likely highly informed about the University online program in Food Service Management as well as some of the programs that provide us with competition.For this assignment you will engage in situation analysis for this program.Assume that you are going to be asked to create a marketing strategy for it at some point in the future.In an effort to craft this strategy, you will first complete a SWOT Analysis and then use one of two available tools to analyze the market and where the program best fits.

Part 1:SWOT Analysis

Complete a SWOT Analysis for the University online program in Food Service Management.You will provide 3-5 items in each of the four SWOT categories – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.Each item should include a brief explanation of what it is and why you have included it in its category.The Market Analysis Toolkit describes the importance of using the 5 C’s to assess a situation.Also, please identify to which of the 5 C’s your item is most closely related.For example:


ItemSmallest Generation

ExplanationThe current population of college-aged Americans is the smallest in the past 60 years.Fewer customers may mean that demand for online education will be low for many years.

5 C’s?Customers

Part 2:Market Analysis

Using either Porter’s Five Forces Model or the BCG Matrix (your choice), analyze the online education industry and the University School of Online and Continuing Education’s place in it.If using Porter, evaluate the industry relative to each of the five forces and then answer the question, “is it a good place for University to compete?”If using BCG, place University into the appropriate quadrant and then answer the question, “is it a good place for University to compete?”In either case, please be sure to provide a brief justification for your conclusion.



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