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Discussion 4: Food Trends for 2022

Click the Link below and read the article.

Choose one of the 7 Food Trends for 2022 from the article to discuss. Once
all 7 have been discussed, you may then repeat an item, but not before. Write
a 4 to 5 line paragraph for the topic you chose in the Discussion. You must
also give a reply of at least 3 to 4 sentences to another student’s
topic. Your entries
into this discussion must be thought out and meaningful. No small entries or
statements like “I agree”. You must add to the conversation.


By: Olesia

One food trend mentioned in the article was reducetarianism. According to the article, a reducetarian is someone who wants to reduce their consumption of meat and animal products. Since the pandemic started, I noticed that a lot of people have become more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies. They have taken advantage of the last two years to improve their way of eating. Many people have also learned that dairy and meat contribute to global warming, so they have started to scale back on those products.

I have family members who have cut down on their consumption of red meat and have seen on social media how people have been looking more at the quality of the products they’re buying. Like the article stated, if reducetarians do consume meat, they make sure it is high quality. Some people are now making burgers and steaks out of black beans. I believe that a lot of people are reducetarians without even knowing. They probably don’t even know that a reducetarian is a real thing. They just see themselves as someone cutting down on meat consumption.


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