Signature Assignment: Program Comparison

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Assignment Content

  1. Imagine you work in a correctional institution and oversee the programs offered to offenders. The budget only has room for one program at this time and you must determine which would provide the most benefit to inmates. You have been tasked with analyzing different programs and proposing one program to implement. You will provide an executive summary of your proposal to your supervisor.

    Review the Corrections & Reentry page from

    Access the following programs:

    Create a 1,050-word executive summary in which you:

    • Compare the programs by explaining the program goals, target population, and program components for each program.
    • Analyze the program outcomes of each program.
    • Determine which is most effective and propose a program to implement. Provide statistical research to support your proposal for your answer.
    • Explain how this program will benefit your correctional institution.

    Format your executive summary according to APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.

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