SIDS Powerpoint

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Develop a 10-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the child morbidity or mortality issue chosen in Week 1.

Use the feedback you received from the Wk 1 Discussion: Child Morbidity and Mortality Presentation to address the following in your presentation:

  • Summarize the topic you selected, including your findings from the research.
  • Define the relevance of the topic as it relates to children’s health and clinical NP practice.
  • Discuss treatment options, including any involved risks and benefits.
  • Discuss controversies surrounding the topic by responding to opposing viewpoints.
  • Provide adequate patient education and community resources on addressing and managing the issue.
  • Apply examples of Jean Watson’s theory of caring to this topic

Include a minimum of two academic resources that support your findings.

Cite and reference according to APA guidelines.

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