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Short writing products

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Assessment task 2: Short writing products
Writing Task
Using the tips outlined above and the learnings from the corporate blogs above, write one or more blog posts for frozen yoghurt company, Cacao Green.
Cacao Green Cacao Green is the sister brand of Red Mango, the pioneer of the healthy and all-natural varieties of organic non-fat frozen yogurt since 2002. Red Mango is a worldwide brand that has more than 300 locations worldwide throughout the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, South Africa, MiIDle East, Hong Kong and India. Cacao Green has opened outlets in Victoria and is keen to expand to other states in Australia
As an organisation based on ethical principles Cacao Green can use content to promote its point of difference. Write one or more corporate blog post for Cacao Green. The organisation does not currently have a blog so you can write the first post to launch the blog, but it does not have to be the first post on their blog – you can choose.

Look at their website and Facebook page for content ideas. You can make up information such as competitions, personnel and other news but make it realistic. Also write a paragraph explaining who the blog will target, other content it will include and how the blog will work.

If you are submitting this tutorial for Assessment 2 you need to write a total of 500 – 750 words in one or more blog posts plus submit your explanation paragraph.
////Criteria: Suitability of style and structure for identified publics.
Suitability of material for the communication medium
Evidence of research
Creativity of writing style
Clarity of expression
The teacher required and suggested :
Think about the ideas for writing corporate blogs, for example and review the tips for corporate blogging below.

• Be relevant – choose topics your audience will finding interesting
• Reflect yourself – write in a way that your shows personality
• Get interactive – foster conversations with your readers
• Offer advice – package what you write: e.g. 10 tips, five rules, etc
• Go places – aID links to your blog that extend the narrative
• Write for the web – keep it short and sweet
• Think about SEO – use key words that will come up in Google searches
• Keep on posting – blog regularly, at least once a week
• Don’t be boring – take calculated risks with content topics
• Enjoy yourself – your attitude will show in your writing

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