Short Synthesis Essay—Electronic Media

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800–900 words (3–4 pages, double-spaced, not including your references page)


This assignment asks you to consider how narrative works in media other than print—film, television, video games, electronic storybooks—and to examine how such media treat narrative.

For this assignment, consider the topic, context, and purpose of your essay. Formulate a strong thesis statement or argument, and draw on your research sources to support it. Analyze your sources for pertinent information, but do not simply summarize or repeat the authors’ ideas. Rather, organize your paper according to certain arguments, relevant factors, or major themes. Combine the ideas and information from source materials under distinct headings to back up your points. Sum up similarities and differences in the various sources, as well as arguments that counter your own main point or argument. Address these in a final paragraph, either making concessions or refuting them.

Option A

Watch an episode of a television show and assess its adherence to the narrative conventions presented in this course. How do these narrative conventions explain the choice of characters, topics, and events? What impact do moving images, as opposed to fixed images, have on narrative? What is the role of sound?

Option B

Define and explain digital storytelling, using some examples. Your local library should have digital (or digital interactive books), or check out websites such as, which has free resources such as Fairy Tales: Interactive Pop-up Books for kids (although note that Amazon offers primarily Android-based apps) or Lerner Digital Interactive Books (which offers a 30-day free trial). Apply Unsworth’s analytical framework to what you see and hear. In using Unsworth’s framework, what do you learn about the text that you might not have noticed or considered in simply reading the story? Do you agree with Chen, Ferdig, and Wood’s arguments about electronic storybooks? Consider a picture book that has been recorded in audio format and compare the versions. What is gained or lost, and which version do you prefer, or do you think a child might prefer? Why?

For all assignments, please use APA style for citations and references.

Before you complete this assignment, please read the section on Plagiarism on AU’s Write Site.

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