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Part 1

Review the following marketing reading from Harvard Business Publications

Marketing Communications AND

Digital Marketing

Even the best products and services don’t sell themselves. Marketing communications translate a company’s value proposition into compelling narratives that can establish, maintain, or modify a brand image in the consumer’s mind. These narratives are intended to engage audiences, prompting them to think or feel something about the brand that induces them to action. The narratives are delivered through a variety of channels, such as advertising, sales promotions, public relations, personal selling, digital marketing, or other promotional vehicles. Although marketing managers once focused primarily on the message they wanted to deliver and which media channels to use, they must now be equally concerned about the messages consumers create on their own, as consumers have become part of the storytelling about brands, contributing to the narratives through word of mouth and social media.

Following your review of these readings, create a 280-character Tweet that captures the marketing communications concepts discussed.

Part 2 – 500 words APA format

Business Model Generation text discusses different concepts.Please discuss below questions

When creating a strategic plan today, what do you believe would be the three most important factors to consider? Why do you believe they are so important?

Below is the link to textbook as it was too big to attach as a document…

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