short assignment 31

Upload your answer as doc. or docx file.

Answer from your textbook, Chapter 15:

chapter 15 textbook:…

  • Assignment 11, p. (Parts B and C only), question is uploaded below
  • Make sure to label your answer clearly so I know when you are answering each question.

There is no minimum or maximum length for your answer. But you are asked to think critically about a more complex fact pattern than the short assignment.

Here, you are putting into practice all the skills you acquired in this course. You will:

(1) read the assignment faces and legal authority

(2) prepare the blueprint/outline of the specific elements in the law

(3) bulletpoint the specific facts that relate to each of those elements

You are graded not on having a eloquent narrative. Instead, it is your ability to identify the key issues and disregarding background or insignificant facts. So your answer can be written in a short-hand bulletpoint outline.


To commit arson, a person must:

1- intentionally

here he did intent, as a witness testified to hearing him say…..

2- burn, damage …

here it did burn ….

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