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I’m working on a business law question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

This Assessment uses a common set of facts and they appear below.

Each weekly assessment has the same point value. Answer the question yourself with your own understanding of the law from our studies this term and do not rely on the Internet to cut and paste an answer from other sources. Cutting and pasting from any other source without attribution is a form of plagiarism and academic dishonesty, subject to discipline as described in the syllabus.

Answers relating to the coursework, text, and in-class discussions will score highest; supposition, personal opinions, and “winging it” will not be awarded credit. Jotting down random buzz words and phrases from the textbook in an attempt to get something to stick and earn points is not analysis and will not be awarded credit. Concluding only that someone should “consult with an attorney” is similarly inappropriate, since this is broad advice anyone who has taken this class could write, and it is generally and well understood. Responses based on external sources similarly do not score well, even where attribution is included. Remember, this is an assessment of the learning of the presented class material and methods used in class, not the ability to use search engines or use random cut and paste techniques.

Support your answers with appropriate legal analysis. When stating a legal rule, you must actually state it. Saying “the rule is in chapter 10 of the book” or “employment law” is not stating the rule, and will not be awarded any credit. Pay particular attention to the call of the question: answer what is specifically asked. It is important to cite the specific rule that applies to the question, not a litany of possible legal principles that might tangentially relate to the matter at hand. Doing so will result in a deduction for inaccurate analysis. Some questions specifically prohibit discussion of assumed facts or direct responses only to a specific rule of law. Responses that are unresponsive to the specific call of the question will, to the extent applicable, be given zero credit and will waste your valuable time.

Plan your time so that you answer completely an appropriately. You can use your text or class notes. Do not copy or merely recite the facts of the question in your answer. Doing so does not increase your score, and will waste valuable time.

Ensure you have a reliable Internet connection and computer before attempting the Assessment. I suggest you diligently test your usual Internet connection. “The Internet failed me” is not a valid reason for missing or not completing the Assessment.

Your work must be your own. By submitting this Assessment you are certifying: (1) that all the work is your own and only yours, (2) that you did not use the Internet for research (It is not allowed or necessary. Using the Internet will probably cause you to not have enough time to finish the Assessment.) (3) you will not and did not accept nor offer assistance to another nor accept assistance from another, (4) you will report any incident in which another has offered or accepted assistance on the Assessment that you know to be factual,

Andy (A) and Barry (B) have been friends since early high school age and are now roommates while attending the public, state operated State University (SU). Several times each week they go on an extended bike ride together, starting with pre-ride coffee, and a refueling of lunch at the dorm cafeteria after the ride. Other students and SU personnel often join them A&B are both avid readers, and both collect books from their favorite authors. They attend book signings, lectures, and post ride discussions often turn to chatting about their latest book findings.

A&B maintain a small “little library” shelf at their dorm where they trade and share books with others for free. A&B have often discussed business futures in book editing, production, distribution, and sales.

A&B know that future business activities involve business and personal risks and know they must seek the advice of an attorney before acting on their plans.


A&B have graduated from SU, and continue to be passionate about the book trade business and local sharing libraries. They not only go on local rides, but travel the country in search of sharing libraries in both urban and rural America. A&B have each put a library near their homes, as have several of their alumni friends that frequently join them on rides. In an effort to encourage others to participate in their hobby, they have created and published a website that contains maps and locations of libraries they have found. Users and visitors to the site can post locations of libraries, and comment on the content, accessibility, and kinds of books and other things each of these libraries contain. The site features star ratings of each library, as well as places to comment of the content quality of each. “Antiquarian users frequent” and “children’s books” for specific age ranges are popular. The site also has links to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. A&B accept ads on their site to generate revenue.

In the six months the site has been in operation, it has become wildly popular. A&B name the site “RedTopLibraries” and have painted the tops of their libraries a distinctive red color that is easy to see from a distance. The website prominently uses this red color scheme throughout. On bike rides, they wear and carry custom RedTopLibraries graphic cycling gear. A&B distribute business cards that has information about them, and links to the RedTopLibraries site, all in the conspicuous red color. They put a card in each library they visit, and insert a card into each book as they share into one. A&B invite participants in the library hobby to paint their libraries the distinctive red color so as to let others know they are part of their growing community (and provide a link to suppliers of the specific color of red paint and an eCommerce site to purchase the RedTopLibraries cycling gear.) When library owners do so, they can select a little red logo on the map to identify their library as a “RedTop” member and get access to further features in the web site, that include coupons from advertisers and more.

In the following 6 months, A&B’s RedTopLibraries web site and social media engagements really take off. Millions of hits per week are registered, and the advertising revenues soar. A&B’s student loans are being quickly retired.

A year after these successes, MegaBooks, (MB) a major book retailer, has taken notice of the success of sharing libraries. MB sees that community as a source of revenue and shareholder value.

Analyze the case based on the textbook content

Chapter 12. Intellectual PropertyAssignment

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