servicescape observation

For this assignment, your task is to visit a café or coffeeshop (or something similar like a small restaurant) and observe the servicescape, customers, and queue information. Servicescape observation categories are from the article by Bitner (in Module 5) and include ambient conditions, space/function, and signs/symbols/artifacts.

We did discuss and view the slides from the queueing presentation in class, but you may want to view the queuing video prior to your observation (the queuing video is on the Module 6 Start Page). Also, review and skim through the servicescapes article by Bitner, paying most attention to the sections on ambient conditions, space/function, and signs/symbols/artifacts, as these are the elements you will be observing and posting.

I’ve created a new OneNote Class Notebook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for us and pages for each team [click on ‘Collaboration Space’ (you might also have to click on ‘Using the Collaboration Space’) and then your team number ‘Servicescape Posts’], in hopes of minimizing editing issues and saving challenges. I’ve preloaded each team’s page with blank tables–one for each person on your team. A sample entry appears at the bottom of each page.

A post with supporting images of the servicescape will receive more points than those without.

This is an individual assignment; team pages are to provide structure to the entries and, hopefully, avoid major technical problems.

Click on the OneNote Class Notebook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and page will open in a new window. From there click on Collaboration Space and then your team number associated with the ServiceScape Posts links.

On your team page: (1) read through the instructions at the top of the page (2) then scroll down to an open table/template and name and enter your observations and photos.

Since OneNote is a Microsoft product, the links should activate the Office 365 version of OneNote (or OneNote Online) and the tables work like basic versions of Word.

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