Server and Web Technology



Zeus Books is a local bookstore which doesn’t have a strong knowledge of server and web technology. Zeus Books has held out on having an e-commerce website but they understand that they will not be able to compete without a strong online presence. You’ve been hired by Zeus Books to be their consultant services on their endeavor to create and host an e-commerce website. Zeus Books requires more knowledge on web server technology.




Based on your understanding of server and web technology, create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document showing a comparison and contrast between Apache versus Internet Information Services (IIS).


**Also include a diagram and description displaying how the end user interacts with the web server so that Zeus Books understands the technologies and terminology involved with a web server.



Criteria for assignment:


* Analyzed and provided a comparison between Apache and IIS


* Analyzed and explained the differences between Apache and IIS.


* Provided a diagrammatic representation on how the end user interacts with the webserver


* Support your responses with examples. Use correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.


* Cite any sources in APA format


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