Sentence Structure

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Turn the Passive Voice Sentences into Active Voice and the turn the Active Voice Sentences Passive.

Passive voice: Employees are encouraged by the company to participate in volunteer programs.
Active Voice: The company encourages employees to participate in volunteer programs.

  1. The digital camera was introduced by Kodak back in 1996.
  2. Digital imaging was not ignored by Kodak executives, but it was not taken seriously.
  3. Every new Ford vehicle is transported from the factory floor to the dealer’s lot by UPS.
  4. Repair of your computer cannot be authorized because the warranty period has expired.
  5. An all-Hispanic supermercado was built in Houston by the giant grocer Kroger.

Now convert the following active voice verbs to passive voice verbs. Notice how you can de-emphasize the doer if desired.

Active Voice: We accept returned merchandise only when customers provide a sales receipt.

Passive Voice: Returned merchandise is accepted only when a sales receipt is provided.

  1. We cannot give you a cash refund for merchandise that you purchased 90 or more days ago.
  2. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital does not admit patients who are uninsured.
  3. Jeremy Jones made a significant costing error in the distributed annual receipt.
  4. Our company provides cafe-style restaurants for employees in corporate buildings.
  5. General Dynamics established interoffice shuttles to improve its transportation system.