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In class this semester you have read a number of texts and viewed a variety of video presentations that pertain to the labor market and what you can do to enhance your employment opportunities within it. In this project, which we are calling the Public Discourse Project, you are being asked to transmit what you have learned to an audience of your peers, that is, fellow students at SDSU who are taking their first steps toward choosing their academic majors.


Using the texts and media you have read or viewed this semester, you are to complete these two tasks:

  1. Write a script for a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation you would give to a group of SDSU freshman who are interested in choosing the electrical engineering major and are interested in developing their skills, knowledge, and experience in this field to enhance their future employability. Your script should be single-spaced and tied to the text you include on the slides in your presentation.
  2. Create a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation (consisting of eight to ten slides) in which you highlight the points you have listed in your script.


  • For the script, write out the words you would say in your presentation. Topics you should include are the labor market projections for your career field, the skills, knowledge, and experience graduates should have in your career field in order to be competitive when seeking employment, and how prospective students can enhance their identity capital (see the articles and videos I have attached).
  • In addition to these resources, you may also use the readings for the rhetorical analysis project (in our course reader) and the supplementary readings you examined for your Project 1 reflection, which I have placed in Module 1. You do not need to use all of the resources I have mentioned, but you should demonstrate that you have consulted a variety of them.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of eight to ten slides based on the script you wrote for the first part of this project. Be sure to follow the media design guidelines I have included in Module 4 (see the document called “Four Basic Design Principles”).

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