SDSU Communicating Self Prese

you find the most insightful and apply it to a sample of communication behavior.

select one and only one idea. Your idea can reference a theory, a finding, or a construct (from the each of the three units in the course).  Again, select one, and only one idea.  Attempts to develop more than one idea will work against coherence and defy unity—two fundamental features of good scholarly writing.

  1. Name the idea and paraphrase how the text defines it. Indicate the chapter and page number(s) from the text where you found the idea. If the text does not explicitly define the idea, then please define it in your own terms and refer to the chapter and page(s) in the text that imply your definition.

Next, develop the idea. That is, in your own words, elaborate the meaning of the idea using the textbook’s content.  You want to represent the various ways that the text presents the idea’s core content.  Also, you want to represent various factors or facets of the idea.  In short, you need to provide a comprehensive representation of the idea’s core and related elements.

State why the idea appeals to you intellectually. Here are some common standards: it has deep theoretical significance, it is generally applicable to the population it is connected to, it might help others, and so forth.  Be sure to develop your reasons, making sure they are relevant to your idea.

  1. Apply the idea to a sample of relational communication. Legitimate modes of communication behavior include actual interaction behavior in a close relationship that you regenerate specifically, book passages that concretely illustrate relational communication, a film that features relational implications, and so forth.  In brief, you will use your communication sample to illustrate your idea.  If you have a question about the appropriateness of your communication sample, be sure to contact me.

Conclude your paper by noting strengths and limitations of your effort.  Elaborate why you see these as strengths and limitations.

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