SCI210 Northern Virginia Community College Renewable Energy Discussion

Question Description



Please view the following videos and visit the EPA Power Profiler link. Then, answer the accompanying questions that follow with a minimum of 2 to 3 sentences per question . Some internet/outside research may help in answering the questions.


EPA Power Profiler:

Questions to Answer:

2. Please name 4 types of renewable energy sources.

3. What are some benefits of renewable energy?

4. List some drawbacks or challenges presented by some specific renewable energy sources?

5. Why is the use of nonrenewable energy such as coal, oil and natural gas bad for the environment?

6. How did volunteers in St. Petersburg Florida convince the city to commit to 100% renewable energy?

7. What 6 cities in the USA are now run on 100% renewable energy?

8. What is the problem with continued dependence on finite energy sources such as oil and coal.

9. What did investing in social spending and the environment due for Costa Rica?

10. Who is Monica Araya and what message is she trying to communicate regarding Costa Rica and other countries?

11. What is responsible for the majority of Costa Rica’s dependence on oil even though nearly 100% of the country’s electricity comes from renewable sources?

12. After typing in your zip code in the blue “Power Profiler” box in the EPA link, please describe the energy sources that are used to generate electricity in your region. How does this compare to the National listing (this is found under the section “Fuel Mix”.

13. In the same EPA Power Profiler, please list how your region’s Emissions Rates compare to the national average.

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