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All students will use this week’s case study for this discussion thread. Each student is to start their discussion by determining if the clinic should expand.  What method would you recommend? (two paragraphs can be longer if you like)

In addition, each student is to respond to at least two other students’ discussion threads by addressing how concepts from the text apply to this case, and furthering their discussion or presenting an alternative view. (1 long paragraph each student can be longer if you like)

peer 1

After reviewing the case study ClearEyes Cataracts Clinic, I think expanding the clinic hours to include Monday and two additional hours each day is the best decision. Initially, adding the two hours to each workday before transitioning the clinic to six days might help the employees adapt to the change. Especially knowing that there is already some resistance by the team to this idea, since Nieves stated it was not a good idea when asked. Dr. Connors should also consider hiring part-time employees and a part-time physician for more coverage. Addressing ideas that might make the clinic more efficient, whether staffing or creating leadership positions in the clinic, might help free Connor’s time when she is in the office. Dr. Connors is currently involved with all business operations and does not have much time to manage. With some help, she will be able to delegate the less important tasks and allow her time to analyze the business, including the customer surveys and creating strategies for growing her business and attracting and retaining patients.

peer 2

Before discussing which method Connors should expand, I would like to first discuss if she actually meet the standard of expand. In my opinion, the expansion of an enterprise requires the premise.The company’s expansion needs to take the best time. Otherwise, blind expansion, will only bring yourself a devastating disaster. Next, i will list three conditions for company expansion.

Firstly, the development and expansion of the company can’t be separated from employees, employees are the core productivity, having a group of loyal staff is essential. From this point, the Connors meets the requirements. She gave relatively high wages and benefits leading to low employee mobility. A stable and loyal team also gives Connors a good reputation among patients.

Secondly, The company is not enough with loyal employees and also needs a group of qualified managers. Really disciplined employees may complete their tasks in quality and quantity, but some people will still be lazy and take chances. From this point, Connors only have one manager which is the boss. If she chosen to expand now, the company management would have become far less efficient with more staff and appointments.

Thirdly, company need to have a mature and replicate business model. Connors has no problem with that. They have a first-class team and strong business capabilities. They are eligible for expansion. 

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