Santa Fe College Chapters 5 6

Chapter 5

Navigate to the Case section at the end of Chapter 5. Read the case titled “Designing Effective Training for Call Center Associates at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company”.

1. Identify the design elements which helped insure associates learn and apply what they learned to their jobs.

2. Explain how these design elements encourage learning and transfer.

Case: Designing Effective Training for Call Center Associates at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

In the Personal Lines Call Center at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, 1,300 associates answer customer service calls. The Center was facing the challenge of how to attract and retain new associates in a competitive job market and improve their preparation for the volume and type of calls they typically receive. To do so, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company created the Cohort Learning Program. The Cohort Learning Program replaces traditional lectures with small and large group discussions and activities that encourage problem solving to ensure application of knowledge. Four- to six- member groups consist of individuals with different levels of experience and personality types. Each associate is responsible for creating his or her own learning plan and for identifying knowledge and skills they need to review and practice. Activities and scenarios simulate actual call experiences. Associates have to solve problems and provide customers with solutions. Knowledge and skill assessments are used to provide associates with feedback about their learning. Also, trainers and peers provide face-to-face feedback during the group activities.

Compared to associates who receive traditional lecture-based classroom training, associates who complete the Cohort Learning Program show a 72 second decrease in call hold time (on average) and a 49 second decrease in time spent handling each call (on average), resulting in a yearly cost savings of over $63,000.

Identify the design elements that help ensure associates learn and apply what they learn to their jobs. Explain how these design elements encourage learning and transfer.

Source: Based on “Training Top 125, Best Practices & Outstanding Training Initiatives, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company: Cohort Learning,” training (January/February 2017), p. 98.

Chapter 6

Watch the following video of IFC Supervisory Skills Training Evaluation in Cambodia’s garment industry: (Links to an external site.)

1. Was it important to evaluate this training program? Justify your answer.

2. What types of learning outcomes were collected?

3. What type of evaluation design did they use?

4. Were they able to use a comparison group? Explain how.

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