Sample research project

I.                 Make up a research project.  Below you will be guided through a step by step process of explaining all of the necessary information for a research plan.  Be careful to answer each question completely using what you have learned about research design. You have decided to do a research project. 


A.   Describe your project.  What is your purpose, what question or questions are you trying to answer.


B.    What sampling technique will you use for your study?  What are its limitations?



C.    What data will you be collecting from your study? What is the level of measurement of the data that you will get from your study? Why did you answer this way?


D.   What descriptive statistics will be appropriate for your data?  Why?

E.    Suppose that you have already done a review of the literature, and have some thought in mind about how your data should turn out.  Write a hypothesis about your data.


F.    How do you determine whether or not the statistics that you are reporting are statistically significant?



G.   What would be the appropriate test to run on your data to determine if it is statistically significant?



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