Sample Papers

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Story so Far – Sample 1.pdf

Story So Far – Sample 2.pdf

Sample Papers

For this discussion board (DB), carefully read these two sample papers on the previous page first.

As you read the papers, what do you notice? Focus on the depth/details of the ideas, thesis statement, topic sentences, and organization.

These papers have some typos/opportunities for editing; however, do not comment on grammar or editing. That is not the aim of this DB. Instead, focus on the items listed in the paragraph above.

Come up with just one observation per draft.

Notice the word observation. This is not judgement. What do I mean by this? Rather than saying, “This paper is so good,” which is an evaluation, make a statement of observation and be more specific by saying: “This paper has clearly defined events, and there is one event per body paragraph.” Rather than saying, “The topic sentences are ineffective,” which is judgement, say something such as as, “The topic sentences do not seem to match the thesis or the main ideas in the body paragraphs.”

That is it.

Create a concise—yet specific—observation for each draft that is just one sentence for each draft. Thus, your DB post will only be two sentences long.

Create a post where you share your observation on Paper 1 and Paper 2.

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