Salary Negotiations Thinking a

Salary Negotiations

Thinking about negotiations is a lot easier than actually engaging in them. In order to give you some practice with the information in this chapter, you will engage in a salary negotiation.

1. To make this more meaningful, the exercise will be based on a job that you are actually interested in. Think of a job you would like to have (either now or in the future). Imagine you have been offered this job. The salary is OK. It is about 15% below the market rate for this type of job, but you really want the job.

2. What will you do?

◦ Will you negotiate for a higher salary?

◦ What are the pros and cons of this choice?

3. If you’ve decided to negotiate (and we strongly suggest you do), work through the next six steps in the OB Toolbox “Seven Steps to Negotiating a Higher Salary.” Once you are up to step 5, let your instructor know you are ready to begin the negotiation process.

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