Robert Smith, a 21-year old ma

Robert Smith, a 21-year old man, presents himself to the release of information specialist at Metro Medical Center with a request to access his birth records. The young man stated he was adopted and has recently experienced some health complications that his physician suspects are linked to a possible genetic disorder. If he can confirm whether a genetic disorder exists through his mother, the physician would be able to establish a more positive and less expensive and invasive treatment protocol. The adoptive parents were able to provide the name of the hospital where he was born but DID NOT have the name of the biological mother, who wished her identity to remain anonymous when the adoption took place. Robert is requesting access to his birth record, including the name and medical history of his birth mother.

**Review pages 358-358 in the textbook pertaining to adoption and release of information.

1. Does the Robert Smith have a right to his own birth record?

2. Does Robert have a right to his biological mother’s medical history? If so, what issues need to be considered or amended on the record before the adoptee is provided with the information?

3. Do Robert’s rights of access to his record change, if he is only 15 instead of 21? If he is only 15, who has control over access to his birth records?

4. If you are a release of information specialist and are ever unsure of what to do in a case where access is being requested to a record, what should you do? Starting with what do you tell the record requester who is at your desk, take me through what steps you would take to resolve a case you were unsure of.

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