RMU Safe Space Creation Essay


As students of RMU, we were made aware that multicultural students do not have a designated building on campus to go to. For example, religious students have to rent out Ferris ballroom in Yorktown just to practice their religion. You would think because we already pay upwards of $50,000 that students would be able to use the space for free; however, that is not the case. In order to “rent out” Ferris ballroom, it costs $700. Students should not have to pay to keep up with their religious activities, which is where we come in. We are proposing you revamp the career center and make it into a building that is strictly for multicultural affairs. This building would start off with 5-6 rooms to represent five to six different cultures. As students with different cultural backgrounds arrive on campus more rooms would be constructed to represent those cultures. This building would also serve as an area for multicultural workshops.


We plan to create an inclusive environment for multicultural students at RMU to be able to embrace their own and other cultures. Building a multicultural center here at Robert Morris University would increase the amount of diversity here on campus. Representation is very important in the workplace, college, and in entertainment. It is not easy explaining to a prospective student that RMU is not as diverse as it could be. If we are trying to make RMU diverse there should be a safe place where everyone could practice their culture, hold cultural awareness events, and openly express themselves, diversity seminars and workshops; support for student organizations; celebration of nationally recognized heritage months; advisement; leadership training; and multimedia resources. Students at RMU are forced to rent out the Ferris ballroom when trying to host a multicultural event. Since there would be an entire building dedicated for multicultural students, they wouldn’t need to rent out the room and each different group could use their own room at the same time.

How will you make this happen?

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