rhetorical analysis paper on “The three future jobs” by Robert Reich. (the pictures of the article are provided)

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Answer all of these questions in form of body paragraphs (should be about 2-3 pages long)

  • Introduce Reich and title of his chapter. Describe briefly what the chapter is about and explain Reich’s purpose in writing it.
  • What is Reich’s main claim—stated in your own words? What reasons does he give to support this claim?
  • Who is Reich’s audience?
  • What does Reich want the audience to do or feel as a result of reading this chapter (for example: change their minds/opinions, vote in a certain way, broaden their understanding of a subject, give money to a cause, take some other action?) Explain.
  • Explain the rhetorical situation/context/larger discussion of Reich’s topic: the diversity and changing nature of the global labor market and its influence on the American work place. What are the key concerns regarding this issue? Use the other chapters you have read in class to help you understand the context of this topic as you explain each of the other authors’ claims, the supporting ideas they use to develop their arguments, and how their arguments relate to Reich’s arguments.
  • Identify at least two (2) rhetorical techniques/strategies/appeals Reich uses to persuade his intended audience. Provide examples from his chapter and explain why he uses these strategies. Does he more heavily rely on one type of technique over others? Why does he do this?

Follow MLA guidelines for line spacing, margins, headers, page numbering, and documentation of sources. Your paper must be typed using a font no larger than 12 point.

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