Résumé Review

Can you help me understand this Business question?

For this assignment, complete the following tasks:

  • Using job posts on the Internet, find a potential job that might interest you. Feel free to go to sites such as dice.com, monster.com, or directly to companies’ careers webpages
  • Using the generic cover letter that you created in Week 2, adapt it in a way that best matches the targeted job description in the advertisement.
  • Review your résumé that you created in Week 2 and, if needed, adapt it to best match the targeted job.
  • Post the job descriptions, cover letter, and résumé in a single Microsoft Word document.
  • Review the following:
    • If this résumé were placed on your desk, would you likely invite the candidate for an interview?
    • Does the cover letter adequately address the unique needs of the targeted job?
    • Are all the materials composed and presented in a professional way?

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