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I don’t understand this Psychology question and need help to study.

Hello Professor and Class,

I live in California, so I conducted a brief search of trending and hot topics in California and the American Psychology Association. I found an interesting topic regarding the need for a non pharmacological pain medications due to the opioid crisis . The Article goes over the history of pain medication and how it first came about back in the late 1990’s. The article says that the best way to treat pain is through CBT. I Definitely feel like this is an interesting topic and this could affect clinical psychology in the future for many ways. For one, psychologist candy much clothes so when monitored, they can also lose privileges, in order to bend the curve and create other methods of treatment. Leave a lot of people really do need opioid pain medication because they are in such bad shape pain wise. From talking to people I’ve heard that medical marijuana helps tremendously, I wonder if this will be something that can be recommended during therapy. What do you guy think ? Thanks,

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