Response to discussion post minimum 150 words

Can you help me understand this Communications question?

Respond to two initial peers with inquiry and critique of their application and their interpretation of these concepts.

Remember, as the author of a discussion thread, you are the facilitator of that portion of the discussion.

Student post down below:

nteragency collaboration in my line of work consists of agencies and families coming together for the purpose to solve problems and focus on enhancing services to the children in the community. In the child welfare system. I work with different organizations and we join together to make decisions. In child welfare, we have contracted services that are utilized for our families and children. There are alcohol and drug testing services, parental fitness, parenting, mental health, and counseling services to meet the needs of the families (Kortencamp,2007). When children are deprived through the courts we must complete child and family plan that outlines the family and individual outcomes and well as services that support the family for reunification. Many of theses plan can create a lack of funds as well as lack of communication and that is why all parties must collectively point out the needs to make changes (Kortencamp,2007). In child services, it is necessary to attain resilient interagency collaboration that engages with stakeholders to help with evaluation, implementation, and service delivery systems. This type of collaboration focuses on family members and community organizations. Child welfare services build and maintain collaboration through strategic planning, the blueprint for change, monitoring, policy, and practice changes (DeCarolis, 2007). We are always in training and cross-training to identify interagency protocols to share information and ensure contracted partners receive pertinent information. The contracted partners receive information like the reason why services are needed and the circumstances surrounding the family.

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