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Respond to two initial peers with inquiry and critique of their application and their interpretation of these concepts.

Remember, as the author of a discussion thread, you are the facilitator of that portion of the discussion.

Student post down below:

Interagency collaborations allow different entities to come together in search for solutions that can go beyond their normal scope of services. (Heath, 2017). These interagency collaborations can take on an informal relationship to solve a problem, or they can be more formalized, contracted services.

There are two major classifications for addiction centers in Nevada; chemical, which deals with alcohol and drugs; and behavioral addictions, which provides treatment for problem gamblers. My agency focuses on behavioral addictions specializing in the treatment and prevention of problem gambling. However, it is very common to have both a chemical addiction and be addicted to gambling. In those cases we seek collaborations with other organizations that provide services for alcohol and drug addicts to advance the vision of sobriety from all addictions.

One challenge we have working with substance abuse centers are their dominance in the funding structure. 86% of Nevada’s allocation on addiction treatment goes towards chemical addictions with only 14% of their budget towards behavioral addictions. (Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, 2020). Health (2017) outlines that collaborative problem solving can be challenging if there is a disparity in power. It should not be “attempted if participating stakeholders are not willing to share and distribute power to others.” (p. 33).

In our agency’s situation, there are numerous chemical addiction centers that we cannot work with for this very reason. They tend to dictate the agenda and do not allow us to contribute to the overall solution of a continuum of care for clients inflicted with both addictions. In these situations, our executive director will require a more formalized agreement where they utilize our services on a contracted basis. As discussed in Lumineau (2014), this more formalized organizational structure of the collaboration outlines the rules, operating procedures and the planning upfront so there are trust issues.

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