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Respond to two peers’ initial posts with a critique of how well the problem aligns with the organization’s mission and services and with recommendations, potential refinements, or other complex community problems that this organization would be a designated leader.

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In Unit 3, the community problem that has been ongoing and presently been addressed by Prince William County, VA residents is Affordable Housing. According to 2018 Community Needs Assessment Greater Prince William, residents stated that affordable housing is difficult to find for middle income families and almost nonexistent for families living below the federal poverty level. After re-evaluating the community problem, I realized that having affordable housing for the community residents connect to my agency’s mission because services are rendered by my home health care agency when client are in their homes . The agency’s mission is dedicated to providing quality care in each client’s home ensuring comfort, dignity, excellence, justice, compassion and with respect of all our multicultural clients and their families (Bennett Home Care Agency, 2020).

Having a house is a key factor in receiving our services so the quality, location and cost of housing has an influence on a person’s health. If a community resident does not have a house or lives in a poor housing that is located in a bad neighborhood with dangerous environmental exposures it can contribute to poor health. According to Viveiros, J. (2015), unaffordable housing measured as housing costs that exceed 30 percent of households’ income and requires households to cut back on other necessities, which often means going without nutritious food or health care services (p. 2). Having to deal with the pressure of not be able to afford a home or having unstable housing situations negatively impacts mental health for people of all ages.

Being in a leadership position, there has to be some sort of collaboration involved in solving this type of issue. Glasby & Dickinson, (2013), defined collaborative leadership as a concept that describes the process of facilitating and operating in multi-organizational arrangements to solve problems that cannot be solved or easily solved by single organizations (p. 7). The future of home health care industry will be successful if affordable housing sector come together to form a partnership and help the health care division better understand the value of housing sector as supporters in backing the health and wellbeing of low-income individuals of all ages and health needs. Also, affordable housing organizations and the home health care sector has to come together to share information and to stress the importance of housing’s role in the health of individuals, families, and communities; and to learn how they can help Medicaid and Medicare improve the quality of life for low-income individuals and families in Prince William County.