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Respond to two peers’ initial posts with additional strategies that would be helpful in maintaining ethics in a community collaboration.

Student post down below:

Ethical issues for consideration in community collaboration includes: the macro and micro contexts of ethics. The macro contexts of ethics deal with the public sector; “In the public sphere, ordinary citizens (as opposed to elected lawmakers) come together to debate policy, law, and other items of interest to society (Heath & Isbell, 2017).” The micro contexts of ethics deal with communication and decision making. This means that each ethical situation will be viewed individually and not as a one size (law) fits all. “In other words, prescriptions will not fully suffice to guide stakeholders to handle ethical dilemmas because each dilemma is unique. Many scholars believe it would be unethical to prescribe a moral code because moral codes are situated, cultural, and contingent (Heath & Isbell, 2017).” To support ethical conduct in the macro and micro context, there must be trust, respect, honesty, understanding and the ability to effectively communicate with each other. Organizations that collaborate must have these things in order to make the program work and accomplish the mission. They must also be able to hold each other accountable. “Tony Giddens argues that ‘to be accountable for one’s activities is to explicate the reasons for them and supply the normative grounds whereby they may be justified’ (Giddens, 1984, p. 30 as cited in Glasby & Dickinson, 2013).”

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