Response to discussion post minimum 150 words

I’m studying for my Communications class and need an explanation.

Respond to two peers’ initial posts with additional strategies that would be helpful in maintaining ethics in a community collaboration.

Student post down below:

According to (Isbell, 2017) a pragmatic reason to embrace a collaborative ethic is that it will as the basis for building social capital. Author reports reciprocity can be short term and contingent (“I will if you will”) or long term and rooted in a sociological understanding of obligation. Organization that have different agenda can be an ethical issue. If individual have higher education may try to discount other options and this can be an ethical issue. It will be important that people are on committees that are objective and should not be benefiting from the collaboration.

According to (Isbell, 2017) Ann Marie Thomson and James Perry identify norms of trust and reciprocitytrust build, and trust in collaboration is linked to other important outcomes such as social capital and sustainability. Author reports trust in collaboration is loosely defined as associated with ethical interaction that is composed of respect, understanding, listening to others, empathy toward diverse perspectives, commitment to the partnership, predictability, dependability, and transparency.

According to (Isbell,2017) grounding communication processes in ethics facilitates shared decision making. Author reports through the principles of reciprocity and symmetry, stakeholders create methods for participating and decision making that level the playing field. I thought about King Arthur and his knight of the round table. King Arthur made his table round because everyone at his table has a voice. I would want to create the same environment as the team leader.

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