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Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least one. Suggest additional ways the learner’s organization might develop a performance management system. As you did in your initial post, use your research to support your claims and be sure to cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

Student post down below:

According to Weikart, (2013), nonprofit can use performance for several reasons: to help in budgeting, to convince stakeholders that the nonprofit is doing a good job, and to improve the management of resources. An administrator uses the Performance management decision-making process for financial planning or strategic planning. (Weikart et al., 2013) Beyond Measures Mentoring program asked stakeholders to complete a survey of the needs and services the program should offer. This will also tell if Beyond Measures is aligning with the mission and values of the organization. Strategic planning is very important because it allows the administrator to primary focus on the goals of the agency.

Beyond Measure’s inputs are resources and grants. The process involves the weekly activities with mentors whether it is developing the mentee’s self-esteem or academic tutoring. An example of outputs from tutoring, the student passed the test or developed test-taking skills. Outcomes are related to the increase in graduation rates and enrolling in post-secondary education. Another example, Beyond Expectations paid for a person to do resume building with the participants, all the participants submitted a resume to companies and were employed

General capital assets are buildings, vehicles, machinery, building improvements, and equipment. One example is Beyond Expectations purchased a van to transport participants. The van is a general capital asset. Fund capital assets include cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or even grants

Therefore, a performance management system helps and strengthens the effectiveness of their mission. This performance management holds the organization accountable to deliver services or met the needs. It also helps the decision-making process to improve services.

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