Response back to my classmates

Need help with my Marketing question – I’m studying for my class.

First response back to my classmate

When you are looking at a target audience definition, just because a group of people are the same age does not mean that they make the same purchasing decisions. In other words, not all millennials are created equal. This is a great place to start, but you need to add more to this target audience definition.

As with all age cohorts, there is roughly a 20-year span within that cohort. That means that the youngest of the millennials is probably in their early 20s, while the older group of the millennials is in their late 30s. This spans a group of people who are probably just graduating from college and starting their career to those who are starting families and working through a very different parts of their lifestyle.

And this is just looking at age, how can you provide a more detailed definition of a target audience, looking beyond just this aspect of demographics?

Second response back

I think your perspective is interesting. I use to consider myself a millennial, not sure if that’s still the case since things are always changing. Why do you consider females to be the main target? Millennial males have heavy presence in social media as well.

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