response analysis for aapl mental health

The response paper should be 3-5 double-spaced pages in length, not counting a required APA- style cover page, abstract, in-text citations, and a works cited page. The paper is going to be graded based on four main sections: Introduction, Method, Results and Conclusion.

In the introduction section, students are required to introduce the topic of AAPI mental health, the rationale behind this survey, and make a clear thesis statement containing what you hypothesized for the survey responses.

In the method section, students are expected to state the methods they went about in engaging students to take the survey, which event they attended, and what kind of databases, research methods, experiments, or studies did the student come across when looking for comparative research on AAPI mental health.

In the results/discussion section, students are required to summarize their findings in some logical manner, either by theme or major concepts you discovered from the survey responses or literature reviews. After you present your findings, students are expected to discuss and make some assessment of their findings by giving some explanation to why they think their findings came out the way it did using concepts presented in readings, class lectures, or class discussions.

In the conclusion section, you are required to summarize your key findings (3-5 findings). Then, you should discuss the significance and or contributions of your topic to Asian American community health. Lastly, you will provide some recommendations to future research.

You have to Make up 10 Survey first, for Asain american.

Then for the Suryvey, you have to write a response paper

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