respond to the following question for each video and the power point 2

For this assignment, I suggest you take some notes while watching the power-point and videos in this module. For this assignment, I’d like you to respond to the following question for EACH video (and the power-point). Keep the answer to each video to a one paragraph total.


1. Identify one important concept, theory or idea that was new and intriguing to you. It can be a specific point made in the video, or an overall impression of the video in general. Why do you believe it is important? What surprised you?

There should be one concise paragraph for each of the following when the assignment is completed, for a total of 9 paragraphs.

A) All About Acting–Powerpoint

B) Today’s Top Actors on Acting

C) Auditioning for Cirque de Soliel

D) Working in the Theatre–Wardrobe

E) Working in the Theatre–Costumes

F) Working in the Theatre–Make-up

G) Working in the Theatre–Lighting Design

H) Working in the Theatre–Sound Designer

I) The Magic of Making Sound–The Foley Artist (Sound for film)

AND LASTLY: (Paragraph 10)

If you had an opportunity to participate in one of the art forms in this module, which one would you choose and why?

Today’s Top Actors on Acting (Video)

Auditioning for Cirque de Soliel (Video)

Working in the Theatre – Wardrobe (Video)

Working in the Theatre: Costumes (Video)

Working in the Theatre: Makeup Design (Video)

Working in the Theatre: Lighting Design (Video)

Working in Theatre: Sound Designer (Video)

The Magic of Making Sound –The Foley Artist (Sound for Film) (Video)


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