Respond to 2 classmates ?

I’m studying and need help with a Law question to help me learn.

1.With the reading in this week’s discussion of the harsh conditions in Romanian orphanages, under the cruel dictatorship of Nicolae Ceasescu. These children went through unimaginable conditions and trauma and some endured all this for a long time. I have seen stories of children being resilient in situations where they were left homeless or abused and conquered their fear and was able to come out on top. Then there were situations where the children are traumatized to the point that they continue this cycle with other children or even develop other disturbing issues. But to the ones that were able to overcome these challenges it was very hard and detrimental, definitely not easy to conquer and to begin to continue with their life. You have to makes sure a person’s mental well-being and their physical well-being to are capable of functioning productively and not being haunted by the trauma of their memories and situation. Children have to be better protected than what the world has been doing, they have to in an environment where they are safe from all harm and danger. They have to be well nourished instead of so many being malnourished, the world can do better if they really wanted to do better in my opinion.

2.Children are often placed in situation not of their making and to which they must be “strong” to overcome the adverse effects. One of the worst in my mind is to be subject to sexual abuse by a family member living in their home. They are raised to trust their family, to not questions, to not tell. So the sexual abuse becomes normal to them, though inside them they “feel” it is wrong. as long they are naive to the home life of others they are able to accept and cope. The moment they are faced wit the fact that their normal is not every ones normal, the world changes for them. they immediately become less than in their own eyes and struggle with how to survive their life. these children grow up not only with low self esteems, but with very little respect for their own uniqueness and rights. They develop trust issues and can fall into other vices that take control of their lives. As hard as it is to hear they can even learn to use the abuse as a survival tool, giving in trade for things needed or simply wanted. These children have much to overcome as adults if they are to survive and function in normal circumstances. the one thing I know for sure is that we all have to protect our children and other peoples children, Have our eyes open to what is happening and never be afraid of being wrong in accusing someone. I’d rather be wrong in accusing someone than to have been silent and allowing a child to go through the horror.