Research Questions and Answers for week 11

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Instructions to follow in answering the questions.

Each answer must include at least one citation of an authoritative source. A single Reference List should be included at the end of each question.

Each response is limited to 300 words. Points may be deducted for exceeding the word limit. The following criteria will be used for grading: relevance and correctness, completeness, clarity and logical flow, spelling, grammar, and proper citations/Reference

Questions 1

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Acceptable Use

BYOD means that devices employees own are being used for work. Discuss how an organization can/should manage the use of personal devices. What are the most important restrictions the organization can impose on use? Why are these limits important? How can they be established and enforced?

Questions 2

The Privacy Act and Data Brokers

The Privacy Act controls the federal government protection of certain data in its systems of records. Explain how or if that Act applies to data the government accesses from commercial data brokers. Are there any restrictions on government use of commercial data broker data?

Questions 3

Ransom Attack

Ransomware attacks present challenges to data integrity. NIST has drafted a practice guide regarding recovery from ransomware and other data integrity events. But, what key actions could/should an organization do before ransomware attacks? Why?

Questions 4

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

This key cybersecurity law makes it a federal crime to intentionally access a computer without authorization or exceeding authorized access. Explain the issue(s) presented by the CFAA term, “authorization,” using

an example(s), and how it could be improved/corrected.

Question 5

Employee Monitoring

I don’t trust my employees as the “work” from home during this pandemic crisis. If I could monitor them, I could see how much they are “working” from home. What would you recommend that I consider, before I begin my monitoring effort?

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