Research Proposal Presentation

I’m working on a Powerpoint question and need guidance to help me study.

Number of slides: 8

Maximum Length: 10 minutes

The Final Presentation must be completed using the PowerPoint Shell provided, it must be then be narrated, and a video of the presentation.

Additional instructions on recording a presentation are available.


Communication and Preparedness

  • Reads clearly and distinctly throughout the entire presentation
  • Narration transitions smoothly from one slide to the next
  • Rather than reading off the slide, an in-depth explanation provides evidence of preparation

Quality of Presentation

  • Any images are used to enhance content without distracting
  • Reasonable amounts of text are included in each slide
  • Text is used to provide cues to the presenter, rather than writing out entire statements


  • Presentation is organized according to PowerPoint Shell and limited to 8 slides
  • Presentation does not exceed 10 minutes

Content (aligns with PowerPoint shell)

Presentation clearly and thoroughly covers the main points in each of the following slides:

  • Introduction/Topic Area
  • Research Question(s)/Hypotheses
  • Methodology
  • Sampling
  • Measurement
  • Limitations
  • Conclusions