Research proposal 2

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MITS Advanced Research Techniques

Research Proposal


Student Name

Higher Education Department

Victorian Institute of Technology

Proposed Title:

Proposed Title of the Research to be Undertaken


The Abstract goes here. The abstract is a brief summary of the contents of a study, and it allows readers to quickly survey the essential elements of a project. Approximately 150 – 250 words. Abstract should be justified, italicized with small margins than the rest of the document

Outline of the Proposed Research

This section provides an opportunity to quickly grab the attention of your reviewer and explain why they should care about the project. Contains a number of important sections. The sections below are recommended, but can be changed to suit different proposals approx 2pages


A brief section of the Outline that provides background information for the research. Helps establish context and how it is related to other research


Outlines the primary purposes and goals of your research


In this sub-section you need to answer the question “Why are we doing this” and “Who cares”?

Research Topic and central research question

This is a re-statement of the research question you already developed, but with topic baqckground to provide context for the research question approx. half to one page

Methodological Approach

This section outlines the methods you will use in conducting the research and analyzing the data. This is a brief outline and not a fill methodology chapter approx. half to one page

Research Design

This section describes how you will go about collecting your data, the design of any research experiments, simulations, details of any software to be created approx. half to one page


In this section you need to detail what the contribution and/ or significance of the research will be. Does it fill gaps in knowledge, does it extend the boundaries of knowledge etc … approx half page

Proposed Time Schedule

Include a proposed timeline for the conduct of the research

Literature References

An Initial list Literature resources. Include your preliminary list of references. These must be in IEEE format. The list should be enough to show a preliminary understanding of the filed and the references must be relevant to the research question is some way. Number of references should display reasonable preliminary effort.

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