research paper 829

Read the Ethics Case Study uploaded below and answer the following questions, using the Ethical model uploaded below:

    • How would you feel in this situation?
    • What is the problem? (Clearly state the problem)
    • What ethical principles would guide you in this case?
    • What are the alternatives for solving this dilemma?
    • What are the consequences for each alternative generated?
    • In your opinion, what is the first choice from the alternatives and why?
    • Does your choice take into consideration all of the persons involved and the consequences to each of them?
    • If the worst case scenario would occur based on your choice, could you live with your decision?
    • Based on your choice, what is your plan of action?
    • What types of monitoring procedures would you develop?
    • What would you include in your sanctions for violations policy?
    • How would you address the following?
      • Tracking each point of access of the patient’s database including who entered the data
      • Nurses in your hospital have an access code that only gives them access to their Unit’s patients. A visitor accidentally comes to the wrong unit looking for a patient and asks the nurse to find out what unit the patient is on.

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