Research Paper

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Research Requirements:

Support your research paper with a discussion of quotations and evidence from at least 5 outside sources that are cited using MLA format. More sources would be even better. You can use your research sources to either 1) clarify or support your own position, 2) provide evidence for a counterargument, or 3) show that your paper is valuable because not enough work has been done on your essay topic.

Research Paper Structure

Instructions: Break your essay into the following sections, each of which is a mini-essay. Skip a line between sections. You will need to decide where to divide paragraphs within each section. No section should look like one long paragraph.

Each section shall be a mini-essay with

its own title (except for Section 1, which does not need its own title since the title of the whole Research paper comes right before it)

introduction paragraph that ends in a thesis,

body paragraphs that each discuss only one main idea and start with a topic sentence and end with a concluding sentencing

body paragraphs that contain correctly cited information from research sources

supporting quotations and other evidence from sources using MLA format

a conclusion paragraph.


1) History of Slavery in Haiti (2 pages)

2) Origins of Haitian Zombie Myths in Slavery (3 pages)

3) Comparison / Contrast of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and Haitian Zombie Myths (4 pages)

4) Works Cited Page (1-2 pages)

Section One: History of Slavery in Haiti (2 pages)
Thesis question: How did slavery become instituted and maintained in Haiti, and what are two significant ways slavery impacted the Haitian people on both sides (master and slave).

  • Possible topics include how Haitian slavery began, who the indigenous people and slavers were, what practices allowed slavery to persist, how were slaves treated, economic impact of slavery etc.
  • Make sure to use MLA format for in-text citations and don’t forget to cite all sources on your Works Cited page as well

Section Two: Origin of Haitian Zombie Myths in Slavery (3 pages)

Introduction Paragraph: Describe the story of the Haitian zombie myth in detail. Describe the process of Haitian zombification as it is carried out even today.

Thesis question: Argue whether or not the Haitian zombie myth originated from and / or mirrored Haitian slaves’ experiences by critiquing historical accounts of the Haitian slave trade and the testimonies of modern day Haitian people who believe they were made into zombies.

Required Body Paragraph Evidence: Provide quotations and examples from

Helpful Resource on GCC Library Reserve:

The Serpent and the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist’s Astonishing Journey into the Secret Society of Haitian Voodoo, Zombis and Magic (Links to an external site.) by Wade Davis

Section Three: Comparison / Contrast of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and Haitian Zombie Myths (4 pages).

Introduction Paragraph:

Describe some key US historical events that marked the late 70s’ (when Dawn of the Dead was made). Summarize the story of George Romero’s film Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Thesis Question: What is one point of similarity and one point of difference in the way George Romero’s Dawn of the Living Dead and Haitian Zombie Myths represent zombies’ relationships with people?

Works Cited Page (1-2 pages)

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